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Our pawn shop takes pride in giving clients good deals for items of value they want to pawn, sell, or trade. So whether you need money immediately, or are simply curious as to how much you can make for your old jewelry or electronics make a stop at our shop. We will be happy to entertain your pawning needs.

Pawn and Sell Your Items of Value

Are you just a couple of dollars short of making rent? Pawn or sell your valuable items at Crown Royal Jewelry & Loan. With our help, you'll be able to make the difference on your rent money right away. Dial (773) 622-2341 to get more information on how to take advantage of our pawning services.
Gold Jewelry—Jewelry in Chicago, IL

We Provide Instant Cash for:

  • Diamonds
  • Electronics
  • Gold and Silver
  • High-Grade Watches
    • Jewelry
    • Musical Instruments
    • Tools
    • TVs and Cameras
    Silver Ring and Chain—Jewelry in Chicago, IL
    Silver Ring and Chain—Jewelry in Chicago, IL

    Free Parking Available

    At our shop, we don't only have space for items you want to pawn – we also have space where you can park your car. So drive your bigger items of value down to our store. We have free parking available for your convenience.

    Areas We Serve:

    • Chicago Consumer, IL (Metro)
    • Chicago, IL
    • DuPage County, IL (Metro)
    • Near West, IL (Metro)
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